September 2013

We’re Here!?!?

The full realization of the mere fact that we are here, would be enough for us to put down our arms and open our arms with a renewed childlike belief that if this is possible anything is possible, and we would see/remember that all of this is bizarre, beautiful, and actually magic–a fantastical universcape—and that by Grace Unnamable we were given the gift of existence (whatever that is???)  to enjoy and play and be a part of this Infinite adventure.

People laugh and logic at the mention of miracles and The Mystic imminent in material, they say no to the possibilities, such as, say, an afterlife(s)….yet, think how absolutely ridiculous and bizarre is all of this current life and the parade of metamorphosis that lead up to it?  How weird we forget.  Just because we have a word for something or a string of words to “explain” something, does that mean it isnt completely bizarre and unendingly mysterious?  In this way our current societal religion of Science has made us worship idols; these objects are lifeless statues fashioned from our manufactured material called words, crude attempts at representing infinity…and we think that they are God and wonder why somewhere deep inside we are dissatisfied with that.

Science and Religion are paradigms, they are a mode of viewing infinity, they are handholds and steppingstones by which we gradually piece together an understanding of infinity, but they are all burst into flames by what they seek to name…for it won’t be named. They be tools and necessary moments of development in our relationship with Infinity, but let us not forget, they are not the treasure we use them to dig for, nor is this treasure a solid object or a place we reach, it is The Grand Asymptote of Adventure, it is the dancing Beloved we long for, long to know intimately fully, dwelling infinitely deep behind all appearances.


I dance in and out of the bird’s eye view of reality—that is—of freshly realizing suddenly how bizarre and fantastical all of this is and that we are here—-and I understand why we distance and desensitize ourselves from the overwhelming intimacy with Wonder, for the truth of isness is the brightest, most colorful, vast, intimidating fire.  We run back inside Plato’s cave, back to our words and mental constructs that project appearances, for the light of day of the Real-the light of infinity hiding behind all this myriad finitude- is most vivdly and sacredly awesome and terrifying.  It is scary because it is abyssmally mysterious, and infinitely unknown.  We  will gradually get to know Infinity and come to understand every speck by Way of Time Eternal…so there’s no rush, we have all the time of all time, this is the Story being told, The Tale of Everything.  In the meantime lets remember and remark—– WE’re HERe!?!?

Broken Guitar

I thought that maybe you wouldn’t be my next broken guitar