November 2014



I want to know WHY that 

star sits there transmitting 

it’s blue and white and red 

transmission.  (why does it send these 

frequencies to my eyes,

this information…


Message? does it speak a language I don’t yet

understand? Sending it’s 

message like a plea from 

higher knowing to the 


I stand)

And why is it that a girl’s 

(her) heart beat is

something that I need.


I don’t want the day over


I just want nights like these, in this feeling,

Where I want to live in romance,

In that story with that stranger on that plane

Above my head.  Aren’t we 

all just looking to feel as 


To feel.  All I want is nights 

like this inside feeling.

When she will share my

wine and we will be 

overcome with it all; all it’s


Effulgent beauty.  

I <3 ;

I love semi-colons.  They are the best of both worlds.  Where action and rest meet.  A tactful pause on the brink of an ending, but never actually gonna stop. A use of silence in sound.  Taking a poised moment  to soar to the heights of a period, but never touching it; never getting sucked into that black hole.  Grammar appreciation ya’ll.  Have you hugged your semi-colon today?


Also, my favorite words, cause I know you were gonna ask that next:




lost winds



When we move too fast:

When we move too fast:

When we move too fast and are in a future fixated state of mind, we glaze over the glorious details of reality (think driving through a town in a car verses taking a meandering walk down its streets).  We then become unfulfilled and unsatisfied with things because of this superficial, “glazing” mode of vision we are using.   From here it is a downward spiraling cycle:  The unsatisfaction we are sitting inside of further makes us restless and makes us then strain for things external, we acquire more external distractions and in result must further expend our energy and dissipate our time to manage and uphold this “extended identity”,  therefore increasing ever more the pace at which we move.  It’s an exponentially vain game of chase, when what we desire is right here, right now.  Slow down and let the magic, delicious details breathe like a fine wine. See the glory in the simple, value the tiny, ponder the vastness of small spaces; quality and depth over quantity; stare long and deep into your lover’s eyes.  ~The importance of meandering~


Tonight I feel like I’m having sex with existence.

THought #13:

On girl:

My mind needs your body to quiet it.