This Just In: a Breaking Message to the News

This Just In: A Breaking Message to the News


This Just In:

I have an aversion to your coercion. 


If spreading fear is your mode of operation 

then I’m gonna choose discernment. 


to not watch

to boycott

not one bit

not one drop

not one clip

no 5:00 oclock, 6:00 oclock, …ten spot bullshit


You keep making incessant blanket projections

salient scintillations to strike and make deep, subconscious memory-impressions

like a virus, you log in and store,

and make people see this world, 

exaggerated, as deviant exceptions; and nothing more (!)


It’s deception,

manipulating attention,

a raping of the mind’s eye,

a taking of our will’s desires;

gross proliferation of the negative and lies


This Just in:

I wont sit on the couch,

cause this don’t sit well with me


I will stop being spoon-fed bleak

I will choose to channel good instead of Group-speak

I will choose to channel my channel, straight from The Source that brought us to be


I am tuning-in to the un-boxable, un-tubeable, that broad-casted forth All


Pressing remote to ‘off’,

Paranoia stops,

Now real life has a chance to talk.


This just in:

Your nightly barrage

Is a nightly façade.

Set on planting fear spores to deliberately make us lost.


Lost to ourselves,

Lost to the Eternal Internal,

Our focus distracted outward,

Under the spell of the external reversal.


Outward Maya fixations replacing,

Our personal dreams,

Blinding us with white-noise-voices making silent screams,

We relinquish up our freedom, because you fabricate assembly-line contrived ‘security’

you make us think we need

Pulling us out of the present and the personal

down into disbelief



This Just In:

(In other news…)

An orb of unconditional light

Makes its daily, devoted pilgrimage at its usual time.


Today and everyday, crossing the sky

Heat and illumination

Gifted from thousands of miles

Turning on our eyes

To feel infinite sensations, to witness infinite delights,


Another day to explore

to bask on earth’s shore

to try out all the colors and tastes

-an endless wondrous frolic in endless universcapes


A dance of many

All connected by One

This Just In:

I saw the sun.


This amazing spin of the earth is a spin you never hear,

If we have the power to choose to focus on any of infinite stories then why do they choose to focus on fear?


This just in:

The News is obsolete.

I declare coming up next…its unceremonious defeat


I declare The News ‘The Olds’

Our generation can no longer be bought nor sold


I hate to break the news

But we are no longer confused by the stories you’ve told

We are starting to see with more soul

And we’re taking back mind control.

All starting from a resounding, decisive ‘no’.


We are turned off and will accordingly turn off

the deceptive boxed-in-glow.

We’ve remembered and always will remember, that this life is our life and this life is our show.


Thank you, and goodlife.






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