June 2015

I need to play

I need to play

bro I’ve been feelin too adult

i need to do something crazy

I need to go somewhere

or destroy something

or fuck somebody

or dance

or be naked

or get drunk 

or wrestle a gorilla 

I just stripped off my suit from the wedding I played and ran into the ocean

Ive been pent up

too disciplined 

My chid’s upset

My animal is barking

My lover is longing

make up sex

fuck these invisible lines

of adulthood

Fuck these boxes that would hold me

I’m infinity hiding behind mask after mask


Let’s go to France

I cant reconcile myself with adulthood bro

I see it as so tragic

As going quietly into the night

Not a bang but a whimper

A slow black widow seduction

A glittering not gold

A de-dimensionalization

From the squiggly roads of weird childhood

to the tracks and grids

of conformist tribal shit

worries of judgement 

and social banishment to

the jungle 

I’m not doing it dude

I’m never doing it

cause I can fly away like Pan


Sovereign and Silly

Freedom by weird