August 2015

The Point of the Magic Wand

The Point of the Magic Wand

The Subconscious is a Garden

The subconscious is a garden . When the yes messages outweigh the fear messages this is when manifestation happens. Plant yes seeds until there is no ground for fear.

The Sea Shell

I feel the older I get the more alien I will be to those around me, refusing to absorb and assume the societal vocabulary that narrowly and superficially binds and blinds one’s attention. Save those closest to me—Girl and dear friends—I will be seen as a fool, ignorant of perfunctory language currency; mute and dumb, aloof and weird. I shall be quiet and hold a subtle Buddha smile. I will open my shell only to those who will listen to the sound of the ocean. We will sit side by side on a timeless shore, delighted and patient, as the ebb and flow of time freely and devotedly washes and tumbles the pointy human artifacts and notions, to—in their time—become well rounded and smoothed

I am purposefully Aloof

Here is the riddle for you to resolve: What am I? 

I meander when it’s night when the humanoids sleep,

I go out in the rain when they hide from their life source,

I love the winter beach over the summer swarm, 

I ditch the weekly drone of the world curfews and schedules, the illusory cuckoo clock constructs, moving freely about the day, like a renegade… awake amidst sleepwalkers

I slip like water through the cracks past the mass transit

I hide from holidays where the sheep are herded by karats on sticks into conformed mind corrals,

I work nocturnal when others end spent their light of day,

If something is in trend I will run far and fast the other way,

for all the secret spots discovered by the sacrilegious masses are turned to resorts and amusement parks for robots, and seized as channels for the powers that would control (if they only ever fully could), channels used for distractions and sedatives and commercialism; for the robbing of dreams by way of static and loud yelled beliefs.

I preserve my unboxable limitlessness.


I am purposefully aloof.