My Expression of God

What if instead of asking “what is your religion?” or “what religion are you”, our new custom was to say “What is your expression of God?” 

There is a lot that is telling in the subtleties of everyday language and everyday expressions that we use .  They imply a lot more than just the face-value of words.  You can tell a lot from a culture—it’s values, opinions, perception, environment—-by studying its language (just as you can tell a lot about the way a person speaks), both content-wise and how it is organized.  Very subconsciously, just by the word and structure choices, there is an implied certain posturing towards something—-an intention.

This new custom I am proposing, when asking about some one’s spiritual beliefs, implies by its structure, that a religion is an expression of God, and just as with different languages and even within the same language, there are many ways to express the same thing.  

In this verbiage, there is an conscientious implied acknowledgement of spirituality being expressed in many ways, like art, and it is reads more like “What is your expression of food in Italy?” instead of “What is your institution, your tribe, your in-group?”  No value judgements, no competition, but an openness, a simple curiosity, and an acknowledgement of many ways to eat, all nourishing and principally the same thing.  

Maybe we should even ask ourselves the question that way: “What is my expression of God?”  I like the sound of this.  It allows us to go beyond the bars of instutionalized religion into life (imagine that!) where “God” actually is.  It allows someone to answer with such things as “My children, my wife, a sunset, when I surf, art, making love, happiness, love…………….”  It’s time to break the boxes and give Infinity room to breathe.  

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