Letter to a friend: Thoughts on Science and Religion and beyond their duality.

Dear Friend,

…..”imagine all the people…. living for today”.  I totally understand and champion that perspective for that reason. One of religion’s worst perpetrations is that it writes off, and even deems unworthy, this beautiful existence we live inside of and fixates people ever elsewhere and elsewhen. So very awful…making people live their whole lives completely missing out on Playground Paradise Earth and all its beauty and possibilities.  It boils my blood to think of this poisonous perspective that religion viruses infect into peoples’ hearts and minds.


 I would qualify your “proof” word by saying that there is no scientific proof…however science is but one paradigm/approach to understanding reality.  There are many things in existence that happen, but cannot be jammed/pegged into the western construct of truth (heavy emphasis on the word construct).  Mystical, miraculous experiences of similarly themed qualities happen to people all of the time and have for ages, corroborated in all different parts of the world.  I myself have experienced such transcendence. These are no less true nor significant just because we cannot box them into our Western canon of word games, nor forcefully induce them inside a crude and contrived experimental method.  Western society is trapped inside of linear, logical grids…..while outside, there are other people and perspectives flying at a bird’s eye view of reality.  

Science is a nice tool in a certain realm, but it has its limitations. Yes, I too believe in science, in evolution, etc. however, again, it is one apprehension of an infinitely dimensioned story.   So I say “yes, and…“.  “Yes” inclusively to science, and “and” for infinite other interpretations of The Story of Everything, existing now, and to come.
The Universe should be interpreted more like a work of art is interpreted…with commentary on both structure and technique (science) and ineffable, expressive, symbolic, abstract, mysterious, unspoken-indication; the poetry and feeling, that je ne sais quoi  (mysticism or metaphysics or spirituality or mystery or the transcendent or whatever you want to call it).  
People say ‘to see is to believe’, I say ‘to believe is to see’.  If you do not believe in anything beyond science, your mind will only apprehend that which fits into your engrained patterned perspective; It’s an impeccably specialized, excluding radar.  Einstein understood this and stayed outside the orthodox mind box, and this is why he “could see” his radically revolutionary box-breaking theories.  He wasn’t a scientist so much as he was a free thinker.    
One should always leave room for mystery.  Science, like religion, can close the mind off to infinity. Atheists are just as religious—in their own sense—as religious people are…boxed off from an infinitely surprising mystery and a reality that continually outdoes/outpaces itself.  Eventually, the Grand Mystery, in due time, always breaks apart every man-made construct like a metaphysical hurricane.  Infinity won’t be boxed.  
I understand why you and my father feel the way that you do having grown up in the thick of dogma and hypocrisy [both having priests as fathers].  I understand your reaction in the complete opposite direction and your aversion to anything remotely religious.  But I say, don’t let the bad taste in your mouth from religion ruin your appetite for the metaphysical.   I’m surprised that as an artist you haven’t tasted ineffable transcendence.   
much love señor,

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