Letter to a friend: Thoughts on Science and Religion and beyond their duality.

Dear Friend, …..”imagine all the people…. living for today”.  I totally understand and champion that perspective for that reason. One of religion’s worst perpetrations is that it writes off, and even deems unworthy, this beautiful existence we live inside of and fixates people ever elsewhere and elsewhen. So very awful…making people live their whole lives […]

To Believe is to See

To Believe is to See

When I Have Created a Work of Art

When I have created a work of art, I—-for once and one brief window of divine sanctuary—-breathe fully and easily, because there, in that space, that respite, I see and know clearly: all of the preceding madness of my life—the foggy ennui, the stewing restlessness, the shaky, angry yearning, the vulnerablebrave seeking, the orgasm, the […]

I Laugh a Great Joyous Laugh, for I Remember.

You magical magical manifestor, the universe whispers and you hear it and you speak with it, you know the language. You dance and paint with colors of meaning in and on this magical symbolscape, You say what you mean, and you in turn come to mean what you say.  You know that your beliefs make […]

The Shoreline of Time

We are children at play in The Shoreline of Time, Making structures with the shifting  sands, Trying vainly (and playfully), to make fixations in Eternity’s loyal ebbing and flowing.   The shoreline, where land meets water, is where form meets flow. Here is the beautifully paradoxical place, where all humans dwell, Here is the source of our […]

A touch of wine, a touch of jazz

A touch of wine, a touch of jazz, and all of a sudden I become amorous lover of all that I see and everyone in my life, and I long, with the most vivid hurts-so-good nostalgia, for that one love, that love, who trails back in the mist of time’s wake; that love that made […]

Nothing Normal

Nothing Normal

The Point of the Magic Wand

The Point of the Magic Wand

The Subconscious is a Garden

The subconscious is a garden . When the yes messages outweigh the fear messages this is when manifestation happens. Plant yes seeds until there is no ground for fear.

The Sea Shell

I feel the older I get the more alien I will be to those around me, refusing to absorb and assume the societal vocabulary that narrowly and superficially binds and blinds one’s attention. Save those closest to me—Girl and dear friends—I will be seen as a fool, ignorant of perfunctory language currency; mute and dumb, […]

I am purposefully Aloof

Here is the riddle for you to resolve: What am I?  I meander when it’s night when the humanoids sleep, I go out in the rain when they hide from their life source, I love the winter beach over the summer swarm,  I ditch the weekly drone of the world curfews and schedules, the illusory […]

I need to play

I need to play bro I’ve been feelin too adult i need to do something crazy I need to go somewhere or destroy something or fuck somebody or dance or be naked or get drunk  or wrestle a gorilla  I just stripped off my suit from the wedding I played and ran into the ocean […]