Poem Fictionalesque (warning: explicit content)

Poem Fictionalesque (warning: uncensored)   I’m wondering about love. I’m done with broken people, and power plays, attention games.   ****(censored hotel name) , she’s a mess,  an artist child who feels weird and alone, she just wants to be held for no ulterior gain, she just wants to be loved as she is.   […]

My Expression of God

What if instead of asking “what is your religion?” or “what religion are you”, our new custom was to say “What is your expression of God?”  There is a lot that is telling in the subtleties of everyday language and everyday expressions that we use .  They imply a lot more than just the face-value […]

The Curse of Science

I remember this one evening back in the day when I was living with a former girlfriend of mine. Her and I were sitting on the floor next to the fireplace watching the fire dance and play with the wood.  I, being very cerebral and analytical— even more so at the time—- introduced some heady […]

We are star poetry for eternity

We are star poetry for eternity

This Just In: a Breaking Message to the News

This Just In: A Breaking Message to the News   This Just In: I have an aversion to your coercion.    If spreading fear is your mode of operation  then I’m gonna choose discernment.    to not watch to boycott not one bit not one drop not one clip no 5:00 oclock, 6:00 oclock, …ten […]

I am so grateful for people who aren’t me

I am so grateful for people who aren’t me  …who stir my chemistry …who let me step into their eyes …who relieve me from my narrowed dimensions …who lead me down new stepping stones of attention that I did not see …who bring me out of my comfort zone …who humble my manipulative, know it […]

cleaning up all my toys

I want to thank my mother and father for playing the adult roles for so many years of my life so that my child could have a place to playy and grow free and safe, for ‘cleaning up all my toys’ so  that I could be messy and present and creative….what an amazing sacrifice.   

I am the Universe

I am the universe hiding inside of possibilities   I am the universe playing with possibilities 

Like my love for the Ocean

I sometimes worry about stories of lovers growing cold and distracted with time and habit, but then I remember; my love for her will be like my love for the ocean.  

I’m superficial

What can I say, as deep as I am, I am superficial.  When it comes down to it, I want a hot girl; a really hot girl.  

I am large, I contain multitudes

In childhood we pretend and dress up and make believe and take on identities.  In adulthood we do the same, (albeit with bigger props and more elaborate plots), but in adulthood we forget that we are playing characters and identify ourselves with the  characters and forget that we are the players.  Remembering that you are a player […]

Saccades Endless

Saccades Endless