everything that’s good in the world

I wanted to tell her, ‘you in that dress is everything that’s good in the world’, but I just kept walking.  


Why? I want to know WHY that  star sits there transmitting  it’s blue and white and red  transmission.  (why does it send these  frequencies to my eyes, this information… This  Message? does it speak a language I don’t yet understand? Sending it’s  message like a plea from  higher knowing to the  ground  I stand) And […]

I <3 ;

I love semi-colons.  They are the best of both worlds.  Where action and rest meet.  A tactful pause on the brink of an ending, but never actually gonna stop. A use of silence in sound.  Taking a poised moment  to soar to the heights of a period, but never touching it; never getting sucked into […]

When we move too fast:

When we move too fast:

When we move too fast and are in a future fixated state of mind, we glaze over the glorious details of reality (think driving through a town in a car verses taking a meandering walk down its streets).  We then become unfulfilled and unsatisfied with things because of this superficial, “glazing” mode of vision we […]


Tonight I feel like I’m having sex with existence.

THought #13:

On girl: My mind needs your body to quiet it.

Thought #12:

I am the universe playing with possibilities.

A person’s awareness

I often wonder about a person’s awareness behind the parading around with quotidian masks.


Creativity is so satisfying because it is a way of breaking out of the illusory finitude and back into our infinite nature. Play; The children know.

Face Value

Nothing is ever taken at face value for me; I guess this is why I need such a simple lifestyle…it’s all so vast

Sometime I wish I could be like them….

Sometimes I wish I could be like them, not so serious and lost in thought all of the time, breaking my heart trying to seek the ideals behind life’s appearances…and just let go, and have a good time. you know.

Sonoma Meanderings

Sonoma. Jacuzzi. A day alone. Meandering romanticle. TIme unconstrained. More than enough to start seeing the simple as fascinating. Lonely yet story. Indulgence, bringing to table my ancestral lobe/love of lingering and tasting, getting drunk off works of grape art, inky and of the earth, of the seasons, of man’s mind and nature’s rhythms…If it’s […]