These Thoughts…

These thoughts are supposed to be enigmatic….that’s poetry…it stirs your depths by words and leaves your logic breathless; releasing you from the mundane, monotonous, linear logic back into the playful, colorful, infinite possibilities. Poetry is a release from words by words.

Thought #10

I’m convinced that the universe is a song and that there is a rhythm to it, and the secret to living the dream is to Center into the flow of that song and make that rhythm the rhythm of your being. Om.

Like Glory

I keep hoping that the next flower tastes like Glory



Thought #7:

Thought #7:

Though #6:

On girl: They are the animation that makes me animal and the elegance that makes me divine.

The Poet’s Joyfully Tearful Eyes

The Poet’s Joyfully Tearful Eyes I am the Tao The way The truth and the light The darkness of night And The Lie; Heralding the friction for existence Listen, listen How do we forget? How we forget ! How do we forget?! …The grace… …Of the heart’s loyal pace …Of the guardian sun’s blessing-circles in […]

We’re Here!?!?

The full realization of the mere fact that we are here, would be enough for us to put down our arms and open our arms with a renewed childlike belief that if this is possible anything is possible, and we would see/remember that all of this is bizarre, beautiful, and actually magic–a fantastical universcape—and that […]

Broken Guitar

I thought that maybe you wouldn’t be my next broken guitar

Thought #5: Do you Know What You Are?

YOU ARE YOUR ATTENTION You are a collector and a collection You are a relationship You are your beliefs (ATTENTION patterns) You are your practices You are what you “eat” (we “eat” with all of our senses sotospeak) (what you expose yourself to, surround yourself with–you intake and absorb like food) You are a storyteller […]

Thought #4: Trapped in a Mental Track

To become trapped inside of a mental track is scarier than being trapped inside of a physical space. Attention-blindness, unawake, sleepwalking in a narrowed realm, cut off from Infinity.

Thought #3: Devices and Sincerity

One can use devices in singing, sex, conversation, and relationships, but the most amazing moments, the glorious, come from simple sincere being. Oh, the complicated dance we do on our way to being what we are, but it be a part of the story, in fact, it IS the story.