Thought #2: Life’s Tensions

Can I think of the tensions of life as the foreplay building to it’s orgasms? Life is tension and release, tension and release…you need the shadow characters, The Antagonist of your story, to friction you to abursting freedom fire

My Beloved, I See You Again

We finally found each other after an attention blindness Dark Age

Thought #1: Paradise Lost

Paradise lost is amnesia of our own divinity

Adults Are Boring

(For those of you who are the exception to the rule (you know who you are) this does not apply-I do not even associate you with the “A word” anyhow.) Tonight at my gig I was visited by a sharp contrast of adulthood and childhood.  It started with this one little amazing being who’s name […]

Holiday Parties?

Holiday Parties?

Holidays already!?  I have recently broken out and dusted off the old Christmas tunes, coulda sworn it was just summer!  If any one is in need of some holiday tunes to accompany any holiday parties please give me a shout (creepy Santa not included). If I don’t see you before the big days, Happy Holidays!

The World of Words

Poets show us that words are floppity inventions and conventions and by doing this give us hint and hope of the infinitude beyond the world of words… “….in practice we are all bewitched by words. We confuse them with the real world as if it were the world of words. As a consequence we are […]

Saint Rocke, Meiko, and Vulnerability

Last night I played @ Sainte Rocke, this great venue in Hermosa Beach. I got the privilege to open for Meiko, a female singer-songwriter that absolutely blew me and my friends away. Her songs capture precious nuances of life that we all experience in some shape or form but usually pass by. She takes life’s […]