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The Ryan Heflin – Wake Up to The Dream EP,   released December 1st, 2014, is now available to order.


~If we could only see and remember that we are living inside of a dream. That a ball of vital, nourishing, unconditional light beams life-giving rays at the start of each day, setting the stage for an infinite myriad of stories, the strangest of creatures and modes of animation, a body to breathe and feel and think and create and laugh and touch and wonder.  Life is a bizarre and miraculous fantasy….a child’s face, enrapt and delighted by all, before words and judgements have locked our attention into tunnel vision, before fear starts writing things off, leaving us restlessly looking outside of the moment, there is only dream, delight, play and infinite possibilities.  Things are being not what they are seeming: Wake Up to the Dream.~


1. Lost Affair – written by Ryan Heflin
2. That One Thing – written by Ryan Heflin
3. Wake Up to the Dream – written by Ryan Heflin
4. Morning Light Blues – written by Ryan Heflin

5. Hotel California – written by Don Felder, Glenn Frey, Don Henley
6. What A Wonderful World – written by Louis Armstrong
7. The Rainbow Connection – written by Paul Williams, Kenneth Ascher

Produced and Mixed by Mr. Jon Berry
Mastered by Michael Denten
Drums by Mike Jimenez
Album Photography by Janet and Travis Wheeland (

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