“To reawaken and renew people’s sense of wonder,starting always, with my own.”


There is nothing “normal” about existence. All that we live inside of and all that we are, is a bizarre and miraculous dream and gift.

Through Ryan’s music he seeks to slow people down, to stir with naked, passionate, authenticity, to move with beauty and emotion; to help us all remember.

Lady Muse/Music has courted Ryan all of his life.  There was an undeniable attraction from a young age that stayed true throughout every one of life’s phases and shapeshifts. From sitting and singing “The Land Before Time Theme Song” as a tiny tot next to his dad on the piano bench, to discovering in high school the curious effect an emo song and guitar can have on the fairer sex, “I thank my 16 year old self every day for learning to sing and play guitar; definitely one of the best decisions I ever made” chuckles Heflin, “I really do have to give a lot of gratitude to the female race for so effectively moving me to a lifelong passion for music and creativity, amongst other things. What better motivation is there really? Hahaha.” From flirting with doing music professionally post-college, paying dues in divey bars and “getting naked in public in an awkward phase of development”, to getting the opportunity of a lifetime to become The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel’s in-house musician (7 years and counting!), getting flown to beautiful places like the Bahamas and Hawaii to play weddings and corporate events, to writing and recording his first EP “How to Undress” and newest album “Where Does the Wonder Go?”; music has been a wild and beautiful adventure and beloved companion for Ryan. “I’ve fallen in love with it” says Heflin.

Music chose me.  I know it.  I was so scared of it because I loved it so much, it’s beautiful, it makes me cry sometimes to think of it, because I see now that it wouldn’t give up on me, despite my fear and self-sabotage; IT loved ME and wouldn’t give up on me. Music has been this force, this presence, this guide in my life, like a girl, that--through our brilliant, poetic, rollercoaster love story--has made me the man I’ve always wanted to be, has made me choose my love for her over my fear and ego, and in doing so, has made me find the infinite love and beauty within myself.  She has set me free, and given me a life beyond what I could have ever imagined; dreamlike and yet so perfectly poetically “me” (but of course).”  

I’ve grown up attracted to solitude.  I spent most of my time (and still do) on the seashore or in the water (I swear I was a dolphin in my past life and something in me is always trying to go home). I used to sit on the sand to watch the sunset (I’d feel guilty if I’d miss a sunset on any one day (and still do)), with my guitar, my surfboard, my journal, a good book, and a bursting, romantic heart full of longing and dreaming.  No one around, a vast expanse of space before me; I would lose myself and find myself in thought and feeling, inside of the beautiful afterglow of dusk, communing and playing with the Infinite Mystery.  It’s quite poetic and brilliant how life works when we allow room for the magic, because now I stand on the edge of this balcony [at The Ritz-Carlton], at the edge of the world, in this beautiful castle of a resort, looking over the ocean as the sun goes down, playing music, getting to do what I love, and getting to bring to the world, all of those beautiful and powerful thoughts and feelings that found me in my solitude.”

“People don’t realize how moving it is when they cheer or request an encore, or want me at their wedding or event, or come up and say how they were touched by my music.  To me, I just hear, ‘We want you to be your best, truest, most free self, we love THAT, keep being YOU, we want more of YOU-the REAL YOU!’, How cool is that?- Something that I love and something that is me at my most pure and alive also makes people feel good.  What a dream.  I am so very grateful”.